Large Scale Multi-Modal Projects


TransTech is experienced with and provides large scale multi-modal traffic data collection services for a wide range of clients. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of count equipment to satisfy the needs of our large scale multi-modal projects which includes newer technologies.

Since our inception, we have conducted large scale multi-modal projects which typically require 15 or more count days and up to 48 surveyors to conduct data collection, frequently using multiple technologies and methodologies, may repeat data collection annually or seasonally and includes single-day studies of large, concurrent major events with multiple study types and extended traffic studies.

The use of newer technologies allows us to complete larger projects in a timely manner, meeting client delivery needs and utilizing additional quality assurance techniques to guarantee the reliability of collected data. The range of our large scale multi-modal project experience includes the following:

  • ATR Count Programs
  • Classification/Speed Studies
  • Turning Movement Counts
  • Screenline Surveys
  • Infrastructure and New Build Surveys
  • Vehicle Occupancy Surveys
  • Advisory Speed Studies
  • Origin-Destination and Commodity Surveys
  • Public Transit and Commuter Rail Ridership
  • Event Traffic (pedestrian, cyclist, vehicle, transit volumes) for concurrent major events
  • Active Transportation and Conflict Monitoring Studies