Turning Movement Counts

Turning Movement Counts are conducted using a variety of technologies which provide clients with a high quality data collection result, whether it is for one or multiple intersections. Our experienced field teams are trained to undertake our manual count requirements which include count training, site supervision and prior count experience to ensure the best outcome for each project.

We maintain a large inventory of older and newer technology resources to satisfy our TMC data collection needs, and can blend technologies for sites with geographical, situational or security challenges. Quality assurance of our data collection process is guaranteed through the use of our experienced field data collection surveyors who are trained to ensure uniformity in their approach to observational data collection transcription before each count undergoes our quality assurance review. We stand by the accuracy of our data and are always available to review results with our clients.

Specializing in high quality, large traffic volume data collection services for turning movement counts, we work with clients needing a trusted partner to provide secure, confidential and reliable data collection services.